XMLEditor Customization - an open source project

What is XMLEC11N?

Welcome to XMLEC11N. This project is bound to exchange customizaton for XML editors. If you understand what I18N (internationalization) is, then you understand the pattern behind XMLEC11N (XMLEDITORCUSTOMIZATION).

The project is inspired by the MSR project (www.msr-wg.de/medoc). In particular some of the members of the MEDOC working group spent some of their spare time to develop strategies and customizations for XMETAL and decided to use sourceforge as a platform to host and to share these activities.

Although we start with XMETAL other folks are highly welcome to contribute information for other editors and other DTDs.

How this project works

Although all features were turned on upon project initialization actually there is no need to establish a big project overhead. So up to now there are no mailing lists etc. It is possible to populate buglist and support.

Particular topics will be handled using the tasklist.

The results of XMLEC11N - The CVS Archive

Actually there is no plan to deliver full featured install kits. It is recommended to look into the CVS Archive to retrieve the desired results.

There are multiple modules in this CVS archive representing results of subtasks of this project..

If you want to play with CVS, you can do this locally on your machine, or in the module "hugo" which was the playground for the project initiator.

How to join the project

The project can be found at https://sourceforge.net/projects/xmlec11n/.

Everyone is welcome to join the project.. Perform the following steps:

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